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Fondé en 2008 par deux designers de l’environnement, Élaine Fortin et Virginie Lamothe, Bipède est un studio de design multidisciplinaire qui oeuvre en aménagement résidentiel, corporatif et commercial, ainsi qu’en création de meubles et d’objets.

  • 2021 | Grands prix du design, Grand prix catégorie résidentiel – Résidence Cité jardin
  • 2021 | Grands prix du design, Lauréat Or 14e édition, Catégorie cuisine – Résidence Cité jardin
  • 2020  | Grands prix du design, Lauréat 13e édition, Mention Valorisation du bois en aménagement – Résidence A
  • 2020  | Grands prix du design, Lauréat 13e édition, Mention Salle de bain – Pavillon A.
  • 2019  | Grands prix du design, Lauréat 12e édition, Café District – tour Deloitte.
  • 2016  | Collection Permanente du Musée National des Beaux Arts de Québec. Chaise Punt.
  • 2009  | Bourse d’entrepreneuriat de la Fondation Montréal Inc.
  • 2009  | 3e prix, Concours Le bois au naturel.
  • 2009 |  Mention d’honneur, Concours Palm En Route Mobilité.
  • 2008  | 1er prix, Concours le bois au naturel.
  • 2005  | Prix de l’Association des Designers Industriels du Québec.
World Wide Things Collection

Notre lampe comète a été sélectionnée pour faire partie de la collection World Wide Things, qui regroupe des objets choisis de designers des villes UNESCO de design de Montréal, Mexico et Graz. L’exposition s’est tenu au Universal Museum Joanneum à Graz, Autriche, du 4 au 31 may 2018.


Where we develop a huge marketplace for the UNESCO Cities of Design.
Where we connect designers, products, manufacturers and distributors.
Where we collect great design from the Creative Cities Network.

The WORLD WIDE THINGS COLLECTION is a worldwide marketplace for a fine selection of prime design products; additionally, it comprises different formats such as exhibitions, shops, conferences, meetings and conventions. In other words, this collection acts as a “Hyperloop” as it displays products created in the UNESCO Cities of Design and moreover, facilitates the dissemination of ideas, designs and best practices. Last but not least, the design products presented in the exhibitions are for sale.


The project was developed by Anne Thomas (MTL), Pierre Laramée (MTL) and Eberhard Schrempf (GRZ) in 2017 and firstly launched as a pilot project within Designmonat Graz in May 2018. The curators’ vision is to create a channel, of which both the creative community and the economy benefit.

This project is meant to visualize the diversity of good ideas and products and to utilize the potential for cooperation and exchange among the UNESCO Creative Cities Network; thus, designers, producers and retailers are provided the possibilities to display their products on a global platform and are connected with the creative community.


The first exhibition shows 53 products from Mexico City, Montréal and Graz and was opened within Designmonat Graz 2018, May 4, at the Universal Museum Joanneum in Graz, Austria. It lasted until May 31. The exhibition design refers to the “Hyperloop” concept, which enables trains to run quieter and smoother than conventional trains and at a much higher speed; the same is true for the design products: they are displayed smoothly and without friction on a table board and are shown in the exhibition as well as on this website here. The exhibition design is developed as open-source-material and therefore easy and quick to rebuild; moreover, other UNESCO Cities of Design are invited to use this concept in order to set up a similar exhibition in their cities; the manual for the exhibition design is available on request.